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Renault India chuan an Kwid 1.0-Litre RXL model chu India-ah an tlangzarh a, manual transmission leh AMT version a awm a, a model hniam ber chu Delhi showroom-ah Rs 4,16,000 man niin, a sang ber chu Rs 4,48,000 man te an ni. Renault hian an Kwid car te hi India-ag 3,50,000 chuang an hralh der tawh a, India a\angin an siam tawh sa 45,300 zet ram pawnah an thawn chhuak tawh niin company lam chuan an sawi bawk. Renault India Operations Country CEO leh Managing Director ni bawk Ventatram Mamillapalle chuan, “Renault Kwid khawvel huapa tlangzarh chu India-a neih ani a, chu chuan Groupe Renault \han tum dana India an dah pawimawhna a tilang chiang a ni. KWID chhungin 3,50,000 chuang kan awm ta hi lawmawm kan ti a, min dawrtu ten Renault brand-ah rinna an nghat tih kan hriatin lawmawm kan ti lehzual. KWID hi design leh tunlainaah phek thar keutu a ni a, kan tan chuan a pawimawh reng dawn a ni,” a ti. Read More>>

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