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2017-18 ah NSCS budget a let 10 laiin tipung : Bhushan


National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS) tana budget dah chu kum 2016-17 a Rs 33.17 crore atangin 2017-18 ah Rs 333.58 crore in a let 10 laia a pun lawih thu senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan chuan a sawi a. Hemi kum hi Pegasus spyware siamtu NSO Group of Israel-te hnena mimal langsar leh pawimawh tak takte an enthlak theih nana vaibelchhe tel sum an pek kum niin a sawi bawk.

“Kum 2016-17 khan NSA budget chu Rs 33.17 crore a ni a, a kum lehah a let 10 a tipungin Rs. 333 crore a chuang a, a chhan chu Rs. 300 crore chu ‘cyber security R&D’ tia head siam tharah telh a ni. Hemi kum hi Oppositon, Journalist, jusdes, EC, activist-te Pegasus hmanga hack an nih theih nana NSO hnena Crore 100 tel pek kum a ni bawk” tiin Bhushan chuan a tweet a ni.

NSA tih hian Bhushan hian National Security Advisor a sawina niin NSA budget chu National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS) atanga chhuak a ni.

Expenditure Budget statement ah pawh NSC tana budget dah chu kum 2017-18 khan a let 10 in a puang a, a hma kuma an sum sen tak pawh a let lai a ni bawk.

A kum leh sorkar kum May 2019 general election hmaa NSCS sum hman chu kum 2017-18 level atanga chhutin a let 13 chuang Rs 800 crore chuangin a pung bawk a.

Kum 2016-17 khan budget Rs 33.17 crore an nei a, a hnuah hei hi Rs 81.03 crore a revised a ni a, mahse, an sum hman tak chu Rs 39.09 crore a ni thung.

Kum 2017-18 ah budget-ah Rs 333.58 crore dah sak an ni a, mahse revised estimate chu Rs 168 crore ni thungin actual expenditure chu Rs 61.18 crore a ni.

Kum 2018-19 khan actual expenditure chu a pung ta thut a. Khami kum khan ‘administrative expense’ atan ringawt Rs 303.83 crore hman a ni a. Mahse, a hnua revised estimate-ah Rs 841.73 crore lai hman a ni thung.

Revised estimate-ah original budget allocation chu revenue expenditure anga chihnchhiah a nih laiin Rs 125.84 crore chu revenue spending atana hman a ni a, a la bang Rs 715.89 crore chu capital expedniture atana hman a ni.

Kum 2018-19 a sum hman zah belhkhawm chu Rs 812.32 crore a ni a, revenue spending erawh Rs 96.43 crore a ni thung.

Kum 2019-20 khan NSCS tana budget dah a tlahniam nasa hle a, Rs 152.63 crore chauh dah a ni a. A hma kum ang lo takin heng sum te hi NSCS administrative expense leh ‘space infrastructure’ atana dah a ni a. Revised estimate-ah Rs 140.92 crore tih niin actual spending erawh Rs 130.32 crore a ni thung.

Kum 2020-21 budget pawhin NSCS tan Rs 170.73 crore a dah a, mahse, revised estimate chu pangngai tak niin Rs 130 crore a ni thung.

Kuminah erawh budget san leh vak niin Rs 228.72 crore dah a ni. Hetihlai hian Opposition-te chuan Supreme Court kaihhruaina hnuaia Pegasus software chu chhui chian ngei an phut thung.

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