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2020 BMI London Awards Song of the Year ‘Dancing With a Stranger’


2020 BMI London Awards an sem ta a, Sam Smith leh Normani te hla ‘Dancing With a Stranger’ chu Song of the Year-ah an thlang. He award hi UK emaw European emaw hla phuah, kum khat chhung a US-a sak lar ber hnenah hlan thin a ni.

He hla hi Smith leh Normani te hian Jimmy Napes leh Stargate nena an phuah ho a ni a, US chart, Billboard Hot 100-ah No.1 a kai a, Official UK Singles chart-ah No.3 a kai ve thung.

BMI hian 2019-a pop hla, UK emaw European songwriter hla phuah sak lar zual 30 an thlang chhuak nghal a, Ed Sheeran-a’n BMI London Awards paruk dawn belh lehin, “Beautiful People,” “Cross Me,” “I Don’t Care,” “Tip of My Tongue,” “What Am I” leh “2002.” te chu award hlan zingah a tel a, tihian Ed Sheeran hian BMI Award 25 a dawng tling ta a ni.

Ellie Goulding pawh a hla ‘Hate Me’ leh ‘Close to Me’ avangin award hlan a ni a, tihian BMI London Award pakua a dawng tling ta a, Nial Horan pawhin ‘Nice to Meet Ya’ hla avangin BMI London Award pasarih a dawng tling ve ta bawk.

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