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A lêt zawnga thumal chhiar rang record a siam


Pam Onnen, Minnesota a cheng chuan Guinness World Records a siam a, a siam dan a danglam khawp mai, minute khat chhungin thumal 56 a lêt zawngin a chhiar (spell) thei a, minute khat chhunga chutiang tihnem thei ber record a siam.

A talent hi a danglam ve khawp mai, thumal a hriat thar te hi a lêt zawngin engtianga chakin nge a chhiar theih tiin a inzir thin a, a tirah chuan hetiang lama record siam an awm tih pawh a hre bik lo, “Hetiang hi ti ve thin an awm pawh ka lo hre ngai lo a, hetianga a lêt zawnga thil chhiar hi ka chin dawklak em avangin keimah pawhin ka hneh sawh ve viauin ka inhria a, hetiang hi record a awm leh awm loh ka zawng a, chutah chuan hetiang ti thei hi keimah chauh ka ni lo tih ka hrechhuak a, ka thaw te pawh a veng huai zawk, a hma kha chuan eng emaw danglamna ka nei deuh emaw ka inti thin a,” a ti.

A hmaa hetianga a lêt zawnga thumal chhiar rang record chu minute khatah thumal 17 a chhiar hman a, he record hi Pam hian a rawn khum chiang hle a ni.

Pam hian English hawrawp (alphabet) pawh a let zawngin hnehsawh takin a sawi chhuak thei a, thumal pawh a lêt zawnga chhiar a a hnehsawh ang bawkin, a lêt zawnga lam (pronounce) pawh a thiam khawp mai.

Guinness World Record siam tur hian thumal a lêt zawnga a chhiar (spell) tur hi aman a duhzawng a thlan a thiang lo va, Guinness hriatpuinain a tlachawpin an thlan sak vek a, a chhiar tur hi engmah a hre lâwk lo a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Phuah Pawlh)

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