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A thlawna thiamthil inzirtirna hawng


Sawrkar laipui Ministry of Labour & Employment-in Mizorama a vawi khatna atan thla 11 awh tur free special coaching a buatsaih chu Thawhtanni khan LESDE special secretary Dr. Lalzirmawia Chhangte chuan a hawng.

National Career Service (NCS) Coaching Centre hi VTR Computer Centre, Khatla Aizawl a ni a. An ni hi NCS-ah leh NSDC-ah training provider an ni.

LESDE special secretary chuan human resource development chu Mizoram state ang industry leh factory nei ve lo tan a pawimawh thu leh heta rahbi pawimawh em em chu skill development a nih thu a sawi. “Thalaite thiamthil neihtir a, chhawrtlak thiam thil neihtir a tul takzet,” a ti.

Ministry of Skill Development hian state sawrkar leh private institution-te nen tanghoa thiamthil zirna programme a kalpui tih sawiin, “Eng hnaah pawh state pawn atanga hnamdang lakluh ngai loin Mizoram hi a intodelh thei a, a pawimawh chu hna thawk tura thiamna neih leh chumi atana zir – skill training neih a ni,” a ti.

Special coaching scheme hi 100% central tum niin, SC/ST hmasawnna tura buatsaih a ni a, India ramah state hrang hrang atangin centre 19 thlan a ni. Central atang hian scheme hrang hrang tribal-te tan department hrang hrangah a awm thin tih sawiin, heng hi Mizoram sawrkara department-ten ngaihven lehzual se an duh tih course buaipuitute chuan an sawi a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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