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A tlangzarh atanga kum khat hnuah The Kid LAROI ‘F**k Love’ album a No.1


Kum khat chuang mah kaltaa an tlangzarh tawh The Kid LAROI album ‘F**k Love’ album chu Billboard 200 (albums) chart-ah No.26 atangin No.1-ah a invawrh kai a, a vawi khat nan chart-ah a No.1 a, hetihrual hian EST Gee ‘Bigger Than Life or Death’ pawh top 10-ah a invawrh kai ve ta bawk.

Billboard 200 chart hi kar khat chhunga US-a album hralh tam dan atanga tehin chart ranking siam thin a ni a, album hralh zat teh nan hian album tak tak hralhna bakah streaming atanga album hralhna tlukpui leh album-a hla mal hralhna atanga album hralhna tlukpui te belhkhawm thin a ni.

‘F**k Love’ hi an tlangzarh atangin kar 53 a tling tawh a, tunah hian kar khat chhungin US-ah copy 85,000 hralh lehin hei hi chart-ah a No.1 pui ve ta a ni. He album, hla 15 awmna hi August ni 8, 2020-a tlangzarh tawh kha niin, November ni 6, 2020-ah hla sang pasarih dah belhin tlangzarh nawn leh a ni a, November thla laihawl chart-ah pawh No.81 atangin No.3 a invawrh kai a, kumin July ni 23 khan hla pasarih dah belhin a tlangzarh nawn leh a, July ni 27-ah hla paruh dah belhin a tlangzarh thar leh bawk a, July thlaa tum hnih a tlangzarh nawn lehah hian Justin Bieber nena an hla hit ‘Stay’ a dah tel a, tuna a album tlangzarh thar berah hi chuan hla 35 a awm tling tawh a ni.

Tleirawl kum 17 mi, The Kid LAROI (a hming tak Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard) hian August ni 17 hian kum 18 a tling ve dawn chiah a, tihian April, 2019-a kum 17 leh thla thum a upa ni a he chart-a No.1 thei Billie Eilish hnua he chart-a No.1 ni leh thei naupang ber a ni a, mipa bikah chuan 2015-a kum 16 mi ni a No.1 thei Shawn Mendes hnua chart No.1 kai leh thei naupang ber a ni ve thung.

Chart No.1 hlui Olivia Rodrigo ‘Sour’ chu copy 69,000 hralh lehin No.3 atangin No.2 a kai thar leh a, Doja Cat ‘Planet Her’ chu copy 57,000 hralh lehin No.4 atangin No.3-ah a insawn a, chart No.1 hlui Morgan Wallen ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ chu copy 44,000 hralh lehin No.5 atangin No.4-ah a insawn a, kar kalta No.1 Pop Smoke album ‘Faith’ chu copy 38,000 hralh lehin No.1 atangin No.5-ah a tawlh a, chart No.1 hlui bawk Lil Baby leh Lil Durk ‘The Voice of the Heroes’ chu copy 36,000 hralh lehin No.6-ah bawk a la awm.

Rapper EST Gee chuan a vawi khat nan chart top 10-a lang thei album a nei ve ta a, a album thar ‘Bigger Than Life or Death’ chu copy 30,000 hralh lehin, No.65 atangin No.7-ah a invawrh a, chart No.1 hlui Polo G ‘Hall of Fame’ chu copy 29,000 aia tam deuh hralh lehin No.7 atangin No.8-ah a tawlh a, chart No.1 hlui Taylor Swift ‘Folklore’ chu copy 29,000 hralh lehin No.56 atangin No.9 a kai thar leh a, Dua Lipa ‘Future Nostalgia’ chu copy 28,000 hralh lehin No.8 atangin No.10-ah a tawlh ve thung.

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