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Adele hla thar kan ngaithla dawn ta


Adele zai ngainatute tan chanchin lawmawm a awm e, a hla thar, a comeback single ‘Easy On Me’ kan ngaithla thei dawn ta. Adele hian Twitter-ah a hla thar a tichhuah tur thu hi puangin,, “Easy One Me – October 15 – Midnight UK” tiin a tweet.

Adele hian tunhnaiah thawm a rawn nei leh tan a, a rihna kg 40 vel zet paih a, a rawn slim tak zaih bakah a pasal Simon Konecki nena an inthen hnuah a ngaihzawng thar nena an inkar te a rawn ri ta zeuh zeuh a, hei vang hian a hla thar a chhuak hnai dawn a ni ang tiin an lo ring lawk deuh thup tawh a, October kan chuang kai fel chauh tihah a hla thar tihchhuah tur hi a aitechhinna leh boruak siam nan mi tivir tawk lekin a tichhuak zeuh tawh bawk.

Grammy pawh dawng nual tawh Adele hian ‘Easy On Me’ chungchang hi October ni 5 khan a video tawite a lo tweet zeuh tawh a, a original clip-ah hian a lyrics a tel lo nain, British leh American Vogue cover-ah a ruala langin, hetah hian a lyrics tlem azawng a tilang a, “Go easy on me, baby/ I was still a child/ Didn’t get the chance to/ Feel the world around me…” tih te a ni dawn e.

Adele hian a Instagram Live-ah pawh a hla clip hi tichhuakin, chutah chuan a zai ri a hriat theih a, “There ain’t no gold in this river/ That I’ve been washing my hands in forever/ And there is hope in these waters/ But I can’t bring myself to swim when I am drowning in this silence/ Baby, let me in.” tih te a ni.

Easy On Me hi Adele album thar tura a single tihchhuah hmasak ber a ni dawn a, a album pathum ’19,’ ’21,’ leh ’25’ te tichhuak tawhin a vaiin Billboard 200 chart-ah top 5 a kai vek a, ’21’ leh ’25’ hi chu No.1-ah a debut ve ve a, ’25’ phei hi chu kar 10 chhung he chart-ah hian No.1 niin, a tlangzarh atanga kar khat chhungin US-ah copy maktaduai 3.38 a hralh thei a, record a siam nghe nghe a ni.

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