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Adventist Choir Music Video Tlangzarh


Mizo Conference Adventist Choir (2018 – 2020) Music Video pali chu vawiin (July 18, 2020) khan Mizo Conference Youth Director Pastor Thangliana Fanai chuan AWR Studio ah Pathian hnena hlanin a tlangzarh. Tlangzarh Inkhawmah hian Choir Conductor in report pein, choir member ten an hla tharte sawihawnna hun an nei bawk.

An hla tam zawk hi saptawng atanga Conductor Pu F. Lalengliana lehlin a ni a, Pu Thangkhuma (L) lehlin pakhat a awm bawk. A video hi Chiangtea Videography leh Beiseina Aw Production kut chhuak an ni a. Music hi Mom Music Tech kutchhuak niin Prophets and King Recording studio a record a ni thung.

Adventist Choir-te music video tlangzarhte hi Beiseina Aw Youtube Channel-ah en nghal theih a ni.

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