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AIIMS Forensic report-ah SSR taksaa tûr hnuhma hmuh a ni lo


Sushant Singh Rajput post-mortem leh report dang te chu CBI-in All India Institute Of Medical Science (AIIMS) mithiamte endik leh tura an pek hnuah AIIMS Forensic report-ah hian SSR taksaah tûr (organic poison) hnuhma hmuh a ni lo niawmin Times Now chuan an tarlang. Hetihrual hian AIIMS chuan SSR ruang post-mortem-tu Cooper Hospital report-ah hian duhkhawp loh deuh te chu an nei a, AIIMS hian SSR taksa peng thenkhat chu an endik nawn ve leh niin an sawi bawk.

AIIMS Forensic Medical Board chairman Dr Sudhir Gupta chuan, “AIIMS leh CBI ten SSR thihna case-ah hian indawrna neih a ni a, mahse, thutlukna siam vut vut theih a ni lo. Kil hrang hrang atanga thlir a ngai a ni,” a ti.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

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