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AIR FM ZOAWI November countdown-ah Lalruotmawi leh Ngurhlunzawma an No.1


All India Radio Aizawl FM ZOAWI 100.7 Mhz, Zoram Rimawi In Pui chuan November countdown Top 5 an tichhuak leh ta a, Lalruotmawi leh Ngurhlunzama Chhakchhuak te an No.1. AIR FM ZOAWI countdown hi hla thlangtu tam dan atanga ranking siam thin a ni a, gospel leh lengzem/lenglawng category-ah te thenhran a ni.

Pathian fakna hla chart-ah hian Lalruotmawi Krismas hla, ‘Eden parmawi chulhnu’ chu No.1 niin, Ruotmawi hla dang ‘Ka hausakna Lalpa’ chu No.4-ah a lang bawk, heng hla pahnih te hi October thla Top 5 countdown-ah pawh an lo lang ve ve tawh bawk a ni.

Lengzem lamah thla kalta Top 5 countdown No.1 Ngurhlunzama Chhakchhuak ‘Min dawn ve rawh’ bawk a No.1 leh a, ani hi AIR-ah B High artist niin, hla 30 chuang a khung tawh a ni.

AIR FM ZOAWI hian kar khat chhunga Pathian fakna hla leh lengzem hla a thlangtu ngah ber, Star of the sweek chu chawlhkar tawp Inrinni zan dar 6:40 leh zan dar 10: 00 ah a puang chhuak thin bawk a ni.

AIR FM ZOAWI November Top 5 Countdown
1. Eden parmawi chulhnu – Lalroutmawi
2. An vui liam e – Vanlalsailova
3. Sikni eng – H Lalthakima
4. Ka hausakna Lalpa – Lalroutmawi
5. Ka in nghahna – TBC Zaithanpuia

1. Min dawn ve rawh – Ngurhlunzama Chhakchhuak
2. I tello a Krismas – Henry Lalmalsawma
3. Awm lo ta la – Ngainunsangi (Sangtei Khuptong)
4. Kan khua- Rebecca Lallawmsangi
5. Lenna tlang dang – H Lalthakima

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