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Aizawl veng 4-ah containment area puan belh


Aizawl East chief medical officer-in a zirchianna leh rawtna angin Aizawl venga hmun thenkhat chu Covid-19 darh zel lohna atana luhchhuah theih lohna hmunah district bawrhsap chuan a puang.

Aizawl bawrhsap-in Covid-19 leng do na atana dan dinglai mek tlawhchhana thupek a siam angin, July 15 zan dar 10.00 atang khan Ramhlun Venglai Taitesena Section-a Lalliana in atanga boxing hall thleng, chhuk zawnga tan thla in, boxing hall kawmah pheiin, step chhuk tawite kal thla a, Lalrinfela in atanga phei zawnga Laldawngliana (L) in thleng (Lalnghakliana in tel loin); Laldawngliana (L) in atanga Kawrpui lane, Zomawia ram ruak thlengin, chhungkaw 89 awmna chu containment zone/area-a puan a ni.

Bethlehem Vengthlang Chawngbawla Section-a H. Chhunthanga in atanga K. Lalbiakvela in inkar kawng thlang lam zawng, PC Rokhuma leh Lalhlimpuia in huam telin; YMA Hall atanga PC Lalthangmawii in inkar kawngpui thlanglam, FRCBR (Bamboo) road thlengin; Lalramzauva Ralte in atanga Sangnguri in huam telin, a vaiin chhungkaw 115 awmna chu containment zone/area-a puan a ni.

Venghlui Khuangchera Section-a Lam hnai tuikhur atanga kawngpui zawh chhoin Y-Road thleng; Y-Road atanga kawngpui zawh chho zelin K Vanlalhuma in thleng; K Vanlalhuma kawmchhak kawng zawh pheiin C Lalthianghlimi in thleng; C Lalthianghlimi in bul kawr zawhthla in Lam hnai tuikhur thleng, a vaiin chhungkaw 28 awmna chu containment zone/area-a puan a ni.

ITI Veng Chawngbawla Section-ah Urban Primary Health Centre ITI Veng staff quarters – Malsawmi in atanga pheiin Lalthlengkima Sailo in thleng, chhungkaw 10 chenna; Lalrinkima leh a fanu quarter atangin Lalrimawii quarter thleng, chhungkaw 8 chenna; Lalzemawii quarter atanga chhuk lehin Malsawmi quarter, chhungkaw 1 chenna, a vaiin chhungkaw 19 chenna chu containment zone/area-a puan a ni a. Buffer zone-ah Chawngbawla Section-a C Lalramngheta leh Bawihliana in inkar chu puan a ni bawk.

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