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Aizawla lirthei intlanchhawk dan tur


SP Traffic Aizawl-in hriattirna a siam angin Aizawl khawpui chhunga lirthei intlanchhawk chu kalpui chhunzawm zel a ni. Intlanchhawk hian mimal leh sawrkar lirthei, two-Wheeler zawng zawng leh bungraw phur lirthei zawng zawng a huam a ni.

Lirthei registration number tawp ber te tlanchhuah theihloh ni chu hetiang hi a ni –
Thawhtanni-ah registration 1 leh 2 a tawp; Thawhlehni-ah registration 3 leh 4 a tawp; Nilaini-ah registration 5 leh 6 a tawp; Ningani-ah registration 7 leh 8 a tawp; Zirtawpni-ah registration 9 leh 0 a tawp.

Inrinni (Saturday) ah lirthei engpawh tlanchhuah phal a ni a; Pathianni-ah lirthei engchi mah tlanchhuah phal a ni lo.

Tlan chhuah phalloh hun hian zing dar 9.00 atanga tlai dar 5.30 inkar a huam a ni.

Mizoram district dang lirthei zawng zawngte, state pawna lirthei register-te, mimal lirthei leh bungraw phur lirthei Aizawl khawpui chhunga awm leh tlanlut turte pawh intlanchhawk hian a huam vek a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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