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Aizawlah containment area nihna hlip


Aizawl veng thenkhata Covid-19 leng inkaidarh zel tur venna atana containment zone/ area-a puan thenkhat chu Aizawl East chief medical officer-in an bial chhunga a zirchianna leh rawtna in, hrileng zel tur laka him tawha ngaih a nih angin bawrhsap chuan kharkhip bik an nihna atangin a hlip.

Aizawl bawrhsap-in Covid-19 leng mek dona atana sawrkar dan hmanlai leh hriattirna tlawhchhan hmangin, July 22 tlai dar 5.00 College Veng-a B. Lalrema in leh H. Kapkima in, chhungkaw 6 chin chu containment area atanga hlih a ni tih a puang a. Containment area-in a la huam tur chinah B Thangdailova in, chhungkaw 22 an tel a ni.

Chanmari West Group 2 Neuva Section-ah Zuang tuikhur atangin Central Road chhimlama zawh pheiin Lalremruata Hauzel in bul step-ah chhuk thlain, vantlang kawng a pawh thla ang a, vantlang kawng zawhthla in Zuang tuikhur bul step chhukthla a pawh ang. He step vek hi zawh chhoin Zuang tuikhur a pawh chho a, containment zone/area atanga hlihah hian chhungkua 41 an cheng a ni. Group 3 Taitesena Section-ah YMA Buk bul vantlang step zawhthla in H. Lalfakzuala leh H Lalthanzauva te unau ho building huamin Vaivakawn Road a pawh ang. Chuta tang chuan Vaivakawn Road zawh chhoin Lalthuama colony leh Lalmalsawma (Sena) building huam tel loin kawng thlanglam zawng, chhungkua 38 awmna pawh containment zone/area atangin hlih a ni.

Chanmari West-a containment area-in a la huam tur zingah, Lalzemi (L) in huamtelin Saron Road a zawh phei ang a, YMA Buk bul vantlang step-ah chhukthla in Vaivakawn Road a pawh ang. Chuta tang chuan Vaivakawn Road kawngpui zawh chho lehin Lalthuama colony leh Lalmalsawma (Sena) building huamtelin, Thlamuani, PC Thangvela (L) leh Lalbiaksiama Colney building huam tel loin kawngpuia zawh chho zelin, Thanchhingi leh C Zohmingthangi te in pahnih huam tel tawhin Lalzemi building a pawh leh ang, hemi huamchhungah hian chhungkaw 28 an la awm a ni.

July 21 zan dar 8 atang khan Armed Veng South Section 2-a middle lane – Zalawma (L) in atanga chhimlamah Hmangaihzuala Hrahsel (L) in thleng, Zalawma (L) in bul step-a chhukthla in, PS Lalnunhlima in huamtelin a thlang kawngpui chhaklam zawng, Lalhunmawia in bul step a chhukthla in Vanlalthara Colney in thleng, chhimlamah Khualchhunga in thleng, chhungkaw 25 chenna chu containment area atang hlih a ni.

Bethlehem Vengthlang lane 1-ah TBC Zahluna te chhungkaw chenna building; lane 2-ah Zothanpari te colony, an vaiin chhungkaw 5 chu containment area atanga hlih a ni a. Heng sawrzim chin bak, Bethlehem Vengthlanga containment zone/area puan tawh chu puan chhunzawm zel a ni.

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