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AR-in Media Conclave buatsaih


Zirtawpni khan 23 Sector Assam Rifles te’n Khatla-a an hmunah Media Conclave an buatsaih a, thuthar lakhawmtute sawmin an titipui.

Brigadier Digvijay Singh chuan Assam Rifles chu tlang mite thian tiin a sawi a, Mizorama defence force upa ber an nih thu leh tun hma atangin Assam Rifles-ah Mizo engemaw zat an awm thu te, Mizoram mipuite himna tura theihtawp chhuah an tum thu te a sawi.

Mizoramah ruihhlo a hluar thu a sawi a, chanchinbu-ah ruihhlo chungchang hi ni tin deuhthaw a lang nia a hriat thu leh ruihhlo dona lama minister-te news pawh an lo hriat thin thu te sawiin, Mizoram chu ruihhlo hluarna state a nih thu a sawi a, Assam Rifles te pawhin ruihhlo do hna hi theih tawpa an thawh thu leh theih tawp chhuah zel an tum thu te sawiin, media nena tanho an duh thu te a sawi.

Mizoram mipui himna tura theihtawp chhuah an tum thu a sawi a, Covid-19 laka himna tur pawh an ngaihtuah thu te, mipui nena tanho an duh thu te sawiin, thuthar lakhawmtute chu thawhpuiah a sawm a ni.

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