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Ariana Grande leh Dalton Gomez an inhual


Ariana Grande chuan a tawih Dalton Gomez nen an inhual thu a puang ta rup mai. Gomez hian a Instagram-ah thlalak post-in a caption-ah “Chatuan bakah tlem,” a ti.

Grande hian thlalak panga a post zingah chuan Dalton nen an inkuah lai te pawh a lang a, hei bakah an inhualna zungbun pawh a ti lang va va. Oval shape lunghlu zungbun niin, lunghlu bulah hian preal ang tak a awm bawk.

Manager Scooter Braun pawhin Ariana Grande hi a lawmpui thu a post nghal a, “Heng mi duhawm pahnih te hi ka lawm e,” tiin Ari post a comment a, “Ari kan hmangaih che a, i hlimna hi kan tawmpui che. Dalton pa vannei tak i nei e,” a ti bawk.

Dalton Gomez, kum 27 hi real estate agent niin, May thlaa Ariana Grande leh Justin Bieber te music video ‘Stuck With U’ tih-ah khan Ariana Grande nen an in-quarantine dun lai an ti lang a, heta tang hian an inzui tih an puang ta a ni.

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