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Arvulhtute’n lawmthu sawi nan ar pe


Tun hnaia containment zone-a puan Melriat-a arvulhtute chuan Ningani khan lawmthu sawi nan ZMC leh CCC pathumah ar an pe.

All Mizoram Poultry Farmers Association, Melriat Branch chuan an ar thawhkhawm 40 chu ZMC-a Covid-19 natna vanga enkawl laite leh thawktute ei atan te, Berawtlang, ITI leh Tuikhuahtlang-a Covid Care Centre (CCC) tea enkawl mekte ei atan an pe a ni.

An hruaitute chuan lawmthu sawina a nih thu lehan tih theih tawk an lo pawm avanga an lawmthu te an sawi.

An hruaitute sawi danin, containment zone-a puan an nih chhungin archaw an ngaihtuah thei lo a, sorkarin archaw a ngaihtuahsak a, ZMC-in Melriat-a positive hriatchhuahte leh hmun danga mite theihtawp chhuahin an enkawl a, hri laka an him nan sorkarin theihtawp a chhuah a, Melriat LLTF leh an bialtu MLA te’n mipui him nan theihtawp an chhuah a, chung thil hrang hrang avanga an lawm em avangin ar an thawhkhawm ta a ni.

Melriat Presbyterian Kohhran Hmeichhia te’n September ni 8 khan ZMC hi arsa an lo pe tawh bawk.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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