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Assam-in sorkar fund hmang Madrassa te titawp


Assam chuan ‘secularisation of education’ a kalpui zelna kawngah sorkar puha regligious education institution state chhunga mite chu a khar tak vek thu Education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma chuan a sawi.

“State Cabinet chuan academic year 201-22 examination result tihchhuah ni atangin state madsrassa board chu a thiat nghal a ni. Madrassa board hi Board of Secondary Education (SEBA) leh Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) te nen suihfin an ni ang” tiin Sarma chuan a sawi.

Cabinet chuan madrassas leh Sankrit tols (school) tana ruahmanna thar pawmin he mi kaihhnawiha bill te chu tun thla tawp lama Assam Assembly winter session ah pharh a ni bawk ang.

“High Madrassa exam chu academic year 2021-22 atangin tihtawp a ni tawh ang a. Madrassas Academic leh administrative authority-te chu directorate of secondary education ah bilhluh a ni ang a, ‘madrassa’ tih thumal chu institution atanga nuaibo niin regular school-ah leh a ni ang” tiin Sarma chuan a sawi.

“Hei hi Assam-a education secularise tumnaa hmalakna pawimawh a ni a. State fund madrassas-te hi kum 1934 a kalpui tan kha a ni a. Tunah chuan sorkar in pre-Independence day atanga system kalpui tawh a siamthatna a ni” tiin a sawi bawk.

Minister chuan Sankrit ‘tols’ Hindu scripture leh subject dang zirtirnate chu Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit leh Ancient Studies University hnuaiah awm tawhin diploma leh degree course Indian history leh culture zirna an kalpui ang a ti bawk a. “Assam chu India ram state zinga Indian civilisation-a diploma leh degree course kalpui hmasa ber a ni ang” tiin a sawi bawk.

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