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Assam Rifles-in ngaihdam dil


Mizo mipuite hnena ngaihdam dil tura Central YMA-in a phut Assam Rifles chuan ngaihdam an dilna thu hi CYMA hnenah a thlen.

Central YMA thuchhuah danin, Assam Rifles hnen atangin September 5 chhun khan ngaihdam dilna thu hi a dawng a, an phut angin, ‘Mizo mipuite rilru kan tihnatnaah ngaihdam kan dil e,’ tia an ziah bakah tunhnai thil thleng avanga boruak tha lo awm loa thawhho zel an duh thu an ziak tel niin a sawi.

Central YMA hian Assam Rifles ten 2020 August 15 2020 tlaia Champhai district Sesih khuaa hmeichhe feh hawte an zahawmna tibawrhbang zawnga an chet avang leh Mizoram sawrkarin Covid-19 laka himna tura thupek a siam pawisaloa an paltlang luih avangin August thla chhunga ngaihdam dil turin a lo phut tawh a; Assam Rifles 23 Sector DIG leh a hote pathumin tawngkaa ngaihdam an dilna leh Mizoramah Assam Rifles director general a rawn kal dawn avanga September 5 thleng ngaichang tura an ngen hnu ah, September 5 chhun khan ngaihdam dilna hi an thlen a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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