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Balance board-a ding chunga grape sah phel record a siam


Guinness World Record siam lama mikhual lo tak David Rush chuan record thar a siam leh ta a, tun tum chu samurai chem sei hmanga thil bûk thei a ding chunga boruaka grape rah an vawrh sah phel tam record a ni ve thung.

Guinness World Records 150 chuang siam tawh David Rush hian minute khatah thil bûk thei a ding chungin grape rah boruaka an vawrh chu samurai chemsei hmangin pum 68 a sah phel a, Guinness World Record a siam ta a ni, a hma pawhin hetiang record hi a lo siam tawh a, chumi tum chuan pum 57 a sat phel hman a, mahse, he record hi midangin grape pum 61 sat phel hmanin an rawn khum ve leh a, chu record thar chu David Rush hian tunah a khum ve leh ta a ni.

David Rush chu thil bial chunga thil phek an dawh, bûk tawn theihah dingin, samurai chemsei a keng a, a thianpa Jonathan Hannon-a’n a dinna lamah chuan grape pum khat te tein a vawrh phei a, chu chu Rush hian boruaka a awm laiin a lo sat phel zel a ni.

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