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Bawnghnute sawr nan tractor a hmang


Maharastra-a bawng vulhtu pakhat chuan tractor hmanga a bawnghnute sawr dan a hmuchhuak ve tlat. Minute 2-3 vel lek buaipuiin, tractor hmangin bawnghnute chu mihring tha ngai lovin amah a insawr ve mai a ni.

Mahindra tractor hmanga siam a ni a, chu chu a video social media-ah a darh a, Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra pawhin a lo hmu a, a video chu Twitter-ah a tweet ve nghal a, “Miten kan tractor chu thil chi hrang hrang tih nan thingtlang lama an hman dan clip min thawn fo a. Hei chu thil thar a ni. In zinga engineer ni lo te khan engtin nge an siamdan hi i hria em?” a ti.

Video-ah chuan tractor hmanga bawnghnute sawr dan technique hrechhuaktu chuan a tih dan vel a sawifiah pah zel a, “A system hi kan duh danin kan thlak thei. Bawnghnute sawr rang tur leh sawr muang deuh tur pawhin a tih theih. Tractor chu tihnun tur a ni a, acceleration a ngai lo. A air suction kan thlawn a, chutah chuan vacuum kan siam a, chu chuan a hip tawh mai a ni. Minute 2-3 chhung lekin bawnghnute a sawr mai a ni,” a ti.

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