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Beihrual special programme


Mizoram Presbyterian Kohhran chuan September – Beihrual thla a hman mekah September 27 – Pathianni hian ‘special programme’ a hmang dawn.

Pathianni chawhnu hi ‘Nu leh Pa Ni’ a ni a; ‘Nu leh Pa- Malsawmna thlentu’ tih thupui zir tur a ni. Zanah ‘Kristian Chhungkaw Ni’ pualin hun hman a ni anga, ‘Chhungkaw tha – hnam damna’ tih thupui zir a ni ang.

Beihrual programme hi September 1 atang khan hman tan a ni a, September 21-27 chhung hi ‘Kristian Chhungkaw Hapta’ a ni. Kumin Beihrual chhung hian ‘Ramthar Hapta’ leh ‘Kristian Chhungkaw Hapta’ bakah ‘Kohhran Humhalhna chungchang’ thupui zir ho a ni.

Beihrual hi kum 1918 June atanga hman tan a ni a, 1925 atangin September thlaah neih thin a ni. Mizoram Presbyterian Kohhran hian Kum 1947 atangin Nilai Zan Thupui Bu leh Beihrual Thupui hi bu khatah a siam tan a ni. Kumin hi Beihrual hman kum 102-na a ni.

Kuminah hrileng vangin kohhranten Beihrual programme hi biak inah emaw a huhoin emaw hman a remchang loa, hei vang hian TV leh Youtube lama en theih turin a remchan dan angin ruahmanna siam a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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