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Black Widow tlangzarh hun tur an sawn hla


Coronavirus hripui leng avangin Disney chuan an kumina film tlangzarh an tum thenkhat chu kumthar atan a tlangzarh hun an lo sawn hla nual tawh a, tunah chuan Black Widow leh West Side Story te pawh tlangzarh hun an sawn hla tih an puang ve leh ta.

Scarlett Johansson channa Black Widow hi November ni 6-a cinema hall a chhuah tan tura an lo ruahman tawh a ni a, mahse, hripui leng avangin May ni 7, 2021-ah an sawn thu an puang chiang ta a, hetihrual hian marvel film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, May ni 7, 2021-a tlangzarh tura an lo tih tawh pawh July ni 9, 2021-ah an sawn ve leh nghal bawk.

US leh ram thenkhatah cinema hall te hawng leh tawh mah se sum che vel a la tlem hle a, hei vang hian film tlangzarh tur an ip rih deuh vek a, ‘Tenet’ chet chhiat dan an hmu vek bawk nen, film tlangzarh thar tur a inhnawh khawm zel dawn niin a lang.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

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