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Blackpink-in an debut album an tlangzarh dawn


K-pop group Blackpink hi tunlai hmeichhe group lar ber tihngam an ni, an music video-in YouTube-ah entu ngah lamah record te pawh a siam hial tawh a ni a, chutiang karah chuan an studio album erawh an la tichhuak lo, tunah chuan an debut studio album an tichhuak ve dawn hnai ta.

An studio album tlangzarh tur hi YG Entertainment/Interscope Records chuan puangin, October ni 2-ah an tlangzarh dawn tih an puang ta a, album thar tur a puan lawm nan hian album atanga an single pahnihna tur pawh thla thar hian tihchhuah leh an tum. He album thar tur atang hian an lead single ‘How You Like That’ an tichhuak tawh a, he music video hian June ni 26-ah an tihchhuah khan YouTube-ah darkar 24 chhungin vawi maktaduai 86.3 en a hlawh hman a, chu chu YouTube-a darkar 24 chhunga entu ngah ber record a ni.

Blackpink hio Spotify-ah hmeichhe group follower ngah ber an ni bakah YouTube-a group subscriber ngah ber an ni bawk.

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