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Blackpink-in YouTube-ah Bieber an um chak


Rose, Jennie, Lisa leh Jisoo te group Blackpink chuan tunkar chhungin YouTube-ah subscriber thar an nei hnem hman hle a, tunah chuan YouTube-ah subscriber maktaduai 48.9 an nei tling tawh a, YouTube-a subscriber ngah ber Justin Bieber an phak lohna la tam deuh mah se an um chak riau mai

Blackpink hian an full length debut album ‘The Album’ chu nimin khan an tlangzarh a, hei hian YouTube-ah pawh subscriber ngah lamah a vawrh sang chak lehzual a ni, YouTube-a subscriber ngah lama No.5 atangin No.2-ah an zuang dawrh mai a ni.

Tunah hian YouTube-a subscriber ngah ber chu Justin Bieber niin, maktaduai 57.3 a nei tawh a, K-Pop gril group Blackpink hi pahnihna niin, subscriber maktaduai 48.9 an nei tling ve ta a, an album thar tlangzarh hian subscriber a neih belh tir ngei dawn bawk a, Bieber hi maktaduai 9 dawnin la pha lo mah se an um chak ta riau a ni.

Blackpink hi YouTube-ah an mikhual tawh bik lo a, an music video ‘How You Like That’ chu YouTube Global Top Song of Summer niin, Selena Gomez an zaipuina ‘Ice Cream’ pawh YouTube Glabal Music Videos Chart-ah kha thla kalta khan a No.1 tawh bawk. An hla hit ‘How You Like That’ hian YouTube-a darkar 24 chhunga music video entu ngah ber record te pawh a lo siam zak zak tawh a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

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