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Blake Shelton leh Gwen Stefani ten drive-in concert an nei dawn


Production company Encore Live-in drive-in concert series an buatsaihah Blake Shelton chu country star zingah stage-a inlan tur a ni. He drive-in concert hi July ni 25-a neih tur a ni a, Shelton hi special guest Gwen Stefani leh Trace Atkins te nen an inlan dawn a ni. Encore Live hian drive-in concert an buatsaih hmasakah country star Garth Brooks pawh a lo perform tawh a ni.

COVID-19 hri leng avangin mipui punkhawm a remchang lo a, hei vang hian zaithiam te pawhin an sum lakluh tam thinna tour an neih theih loh phah a, thla thum vel zet tour leh concert thawm a reh hnuah Encore Live hian drive-in concert series hi an rawn kalpui ta a ni.

Hetiang concert-ah hian concert chhim turte chu an car-in concert-na tur hmunah an tlan lut mai a, car parking pawh social distancing awm thei turin inhlat deuh de-daw taka park a ni a, car pakhatah mi pali aia tam chuan phal loh a ni. Tichuan concert chu an chhim ta thin a ni.

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