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Blueberry ei chak record siam


Phuahpawlh chhiar thang chuan David Rush-a hming hi kan hre fo tawh ang, Guinness World Records-ah a mikhual tawh lo hle a, record pawh 150 chuang a siam tawh a, tunah pawh record thar a siam leh ta a, tun tum chu thil ei chak record a ni ve thung.

David Rush hian minute khat chhungin blueberry pum 107 a ei zo vek hman a, Guinness World Records, minute khat chhunga blueberry ei hnem thei ber record a siam.

A hmaa hetiang record chu sap pachal Luke Roberts-a’n October 2019 a siam niin, minute khatah blueberry pum 96 a ei hman a, he record hi David Rush hian a rawn khum ta a ni.

Record siam tur hian Guinness-in guide line a neihah chuan blueberry hi tum khatah pum tam tak a bar deuh hawng hawng a theih loh a, pum khat te te a hmawm tur a ni a, mahni kut ngeia ei tur a ni bawk. Hei bakah hian minute khat chhungin a thil hmawm chu a lem vek hman tur a ni bawk.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Phuah Pawlh)

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