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Box office-ah Jungle Cruise a No.1


US-ah COVID-19 delta variant avangin nunphung khaihlek leh tan deuh mah se cinema hall ticket hralh a pangngai leh ta viau a, Disney movie, Dwayne Johnson leh Emily Blutn te channa ‘Jungle Cruise’ chuan North America-ah tun weekend kalta khan cinema hall ticket hralhna atangin dollar maktaduai 34.2 lalutin, North American box office-ah a No.1.

He film hian US pawnlamah dollar maktaduai 27.6 a lalut bawk a, tihian khawvel huapin opening weekend-a cinema hall ticket hralhna atanga a lakluh chu dollar maktaduai 61.8 a tling a, hei bakah hian Disney+ Premier Access atangin dollar maktaduai 30a lalut thei bawk a, tihian a vawiin opening weekend-ah dollar maktaduai 91.8 a lalut thei a ni.

Jungle Cruise hi dollar maktaduai 200 senga an siam a ni a, hetah hian marketing chhut tel loh a la ni a, COVID-19 hripui len hma te chu ni se opening weekend-a US-a dollar maktaduai 34.2 lakluh hi Disney tan chuan chanchin lawmawm a ni lo tawp mai, mahse, Disney+ Premier Access lamin a pui ta hlauh zawk a ni.

He adventure film hi Pirates of the Caribbean ang deuh a franchise ni thei tura beisei a ni a, Dwayne Johnson pawhin Inrinni kalta khan a film chhunzawmna tur sawiho tura inhmuhkhawm a awm tur thu a lo tweet tawh nghe nghe a ni.

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