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Brandon Blackstock-a’n Kelly Clarkson hnen atangin thlatin intunnun nan $436K a phut


Kelly Clarkson, kum 38, chuan a pasal Brandon Blackstock, kum 43, nena inthen dilna court-a a theh luh thu kan rawn tarlang tawh a, Clarkson hian an inthenna tihfel a nih hmaa a fate pahnih awmpuitu zawk nih a dilna pawh tunkar tir khan court-in a remtihsak tawh a, hetihrual hian Brandon hian a intunnun leh an fate enkawl nan Kelly Clarkson lak atangin thla tin dollar 4,36,000 a phut ve thung niin People magazine chuan a tarlang.

Kelly Clarkson hi a sum thawk chhuak hnem zawk a ni a, hei vang hian Brandon chuan an nupa inthen tumnaa a ukil rawihna man pawh Kelly Clarkson tum tir a tum a, Kelly hian an fate pahnih enkawlna sum sen a hnial lo a, chutih laiin Brandon hian a intunnun nan, spousal support thla tin dollar 3,01,000 bakah an fate pualin, child support thla tin dollar 1,35,000 a phut ve thung a ni.

Blackstock-a thil ngiat hi court-in a phalsak chuan kumtin Kelly Clarkson hnen atangin dollar maktaduai 5.2 chuang a dawng thei dawn tihna a ni. Clarkson leh Blackstock te hian fa pahnih, River Rose, kum 6, leh Remington Alexander, kum 4, an nei tawh a ni.

Blackstock hian a ukil rawihna man atan dollar maktaduai 2 a la phut tel cheu bawk a ni.

Kelly Clarkson leh Blackstock te hi kum sarih an inneih hnuah June thla khan Clarkson hian court-ah inthen dilna a theh lut ta a ni.

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