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BTS ‘Butter’-in Spotify leh YouTube record a siam


K-pop group BTS chuan an hla thar ‘Butter’ an tlangzarh a, he hla thar leh a music video hian Spotify leh YouTube-ah darkar 24 chhunga stream leh a video entu tam lamah record a siam.

‘Butter’ hi a ni khatnaah Spotify-ah khawvel huapin unfiltered stream maktaduai 20.9 leh filtered stream maktaduai 11.042 a tling a, Spotify-a darkar 24 chhunga stream nasat ber record a siam ta a ni.

A hmaa Spotify record chu Justin Bieber leh Ed Sheeran te hla ‘I Don’t Care’ siam niin, darkar 24 chhungin stream maktaduai 10.977 a tling a, he record hi BTS ‘Butter’ hian a rawn khum ta a ni.

BTS hian April thla khan cartoon butter a tuiral lai video an tichhuak a, YouTube-ah vawi maktaduai 12.8 en a hlawh thei a nih kha, tunah a video tak tak chu Zirtawpni kalta khan an tichhuak a, darkar 24 chhungin vawi maktaduai 108.2 a en hlawh hman a, YouTube-a darkar 24 chhunga en ngun ber record a siam nghal.

A hmaa YouTube-a darkar 24 chhunga en hlawh nasa record pawh BTS hla hit ‘Dynamite’ siam tho niin, he music video hi darkar 24 chhungin vawi 101.1 en a hlawh thei a, he record hi ‘Butter’ hian a rawn khum chiang hle a ni. ‘Butter’ hi a music video YouTube-a an upload atanga darar khat lekat vawi maktaduai 19 dawn en a hlawh hman hial a ni.

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