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BTS ‘Dynamite’ a la Hot ber


BTS hla thar ‘Dynamite’ chu a kar hnih nan Billboard Hot 100 (singles) chart-ah a No.1 leh a, hetihrual hian 24kGoldn pawh top 10-ah a rawn invawrh lut.

‘Dynamite’ hi kar kalta Hot 100 chart-ah khan No.1-ah a debut a, an group tan he chart-a an group hlang a an hla No.1 kai thei hmasa ber a nih bakah South Korean hlang anga he chart-a No.1 thei hmasa ber a ni bawk.

Billboard Hot 100 chart hi kar khat chhunga US-a hla lar tehna a ni a, chart ranking siam nan US Streaming, radio airplay leh sales data te chu tehna pawimawh a ni.

Chart No.1 hlui Cardi B ‘WAP’ featuring Meghan Thee Stallion chu No.2-ah bawk a awm leh a, Drake ‘Laugh Now Cry later’ featuring Lil Durk pawh No.3-ah bawk a la awm a, he chart-a kar 7 No.1 thei DaBaby ‘Rockstar’ featuring Roddy Ricch pawh No.4-ah bawk a la awm a, chart No.1 hlui The Weeknd ‘Blinding Lights’ pawh No.5-ah bawk a la awm.

Chart No.1 hlui Harry Styles ‘ Watermelon Sugar’ chu No.7 atangin No.6 a kai thar leh a, Jack Harlow ‘Whats Poppin’ featuring DaBaby, Tory Lanez leh Lil Wayne chu No.6 atangin No.7-ah a tawlh ve thung.

24kGoldn ‘Mood’ featuring iann dior chu No.12 atangin No.8-ah a invawrh a, 24kGoldn (a hming tak Golden Landis Von Jones) ten Hot 100 chart top 10-a a lan vawi khatna a ni a, iann dior (a hming tak Michael Ian Olmo) tan pawh he chart top 10-a a lan vawi khatna a ni ve bawk.

Jawsh 685 leh Jason Derulo ‘Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)’ chu No.9-ah bawk a la awm a, Lewis Capaldi ‘Before You Go’ chu top 10 khartu niin, No.10-ah bawk a la awm.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

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