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BTS-in BBC Radio 1 tan 90s hla hit an cover dawn


BTS chuan Billboard Hot 100 chart No.1 pawh lo kai tawh chu BBC Radio 1-a tihchhuah turin an cover dawn. K-pop group BTS hi a vawi khat nan Radio 1 Live Lounge-ah an inlan dawn a, hei hi karleh hian an tichhuak ang.

He programme-ah hian an hla hit, Hot 100 chart-a an No.1 hit hmasa ber ‘Dynamite’ bakah tuna an hla thar ‘Permission to Dance’ te pawh an perform dawn a, hei bakah hian Hot 100 chart No.1 pawh lo kai tawh, Puff Daddy leh Faith Evans te 1997-a an zaidunna “I’ll Be Missing You” featuring 112 an perform dawn bawk a ni.

“I’ll Be Missing You” hla hi rapper Notorious B.I.G. thlah nana an phuah a ni a, Grammy pawh best rap performance by a duo or group an dawn phah nghe nghe a ni.

BTS special, “BTS @ Radio 1” an tih hi presenter Adele Roberts nen karleh Nilaini hian BBC One leh BBC iPlayer-ah te an tichhuak dawn a, Adele Roberts chuan Twitter-ah a BTS nena an inlan tur chu a phur tawh thu puangin, “Phur sawi hleihtheih lohin ka phur tawh a ni,” a ti a, South Korean flag leh Union Jack (British flag) emoji a dah tel bawk.

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