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Bugatti Bolide


French supercar siamtu hriathlawh tak Bugatti chuan an hypercar thar Bolide an phochhuak ta a, Bolide hi a chak vet vet hle a, 8.0-litre, W16 engine neiin, 1800 bhp leh 1850 Nm torque pechhuak thei a ni a, second 2.17 chhungin 0-100 kmph a chakin a tlan hman a, second 4.36 chhungin 0-200 kmph a chakin a tlan hman a, second 7.37 chhungin 0-300 kmph a chakin a tlan hman a, second 12.08 chhungin 0-400 kmph a chaka tlan hmanin, second 20.16 chhungin 0-500 kmph a chakin a tlan hman bawk. A power-to-weight ratio pawh 1,471 bhp/tonne a ni.

Bugatti Bolide hi Bugatti car tlanchak Bugatti Chiron ai pawha chak zawk a ni a, kg 1240 a rit niin, carbon fibre leh titanium a siam a ni a, a aerodynamics pawh Formula One (F1) car ang deuha duan a ni.

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