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Buh hmun a zim sawt, tharchhuah a tam sawt


Mizorama buh leh thlai chingtuteah hian hmun nghet nei leh nei lo an awm a, tlangram loneihah phei chuan kum tina insawn thin niin, mi pakhatin lo a neih pawh a zau lam a dang dawrh thei. Mizorama buh leh thlai chinna hmun pawh a zau lam a dang leh dawrh thin.

Tun hnaiah Mizoramah buh hmun a zim a, buh hmun hi a hma kum aiin zim mah se tharchhuah erawh a hma aiin a tam.

Directorate of Economics and Statistics buatsaih Statistical Abstract bua a lan danin, 2018-19 khan Mizoramah ram hectare 35,550-a zauvah buh chin a ni a, a hma kum 2017-18 khan hectare 36,114-a buh hi chin a ni.

Buh chinna hmun hi a hma aiin zim mah se tharchhuah erawh a pung; 2017-18 khan MT (Metric Ton) 59,605 tharchhuah a ni a, a kum lehah chuan MT 60,010 tharchhuah a ni. 2017-18 khan hectare khatah Kg 1,650 zel Mizoramin a thar ang a ni a, 2018-19-ah chuan hectare khatah Kg 1,688 zel a thar ang a ni.

A district zawnga lakin Champhai District-ah buh hmun a zau ber a, tharchhuah tam lamah pawh anni hi a tharchhuak hnem ber an ni.

Buh hmun zau lam hi kum li chhung chu a tlahniam ta a, 2015-16 atanga 2018-19 thleng khan buh hmun zau zawng hi a tlahniam.

Tun hnai kum 10 (2009-10 atanga 2018-19 thleng) chhunga a zau lam atanga chhuta buh thar that ber kum chu 2012-13 kha a ni a, khami kum khan ram hectare khat zelah buh Kg 1,969 a thar.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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