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Canada-in hmeichhia Finance Minister thar a nei


Canada deputy prime minister Chrystie Freeland chu Cabinet siam danglam hnuah Finance minister thar atan ruat a ni.

Opposition tena an sawisel nasat avangin finance minister Bill Morneau chuan banna a thehlut a, Freeland hian a nih phah ta a ni.

Freeland hi Prime Minister Justin Trudeau minister rin ber zing ami niin kum 52 a upa a ni a, Canada-a hmeichhia finance minister hmasa ber a ni bawk.

Trudeau chuan September 23 thlengin parliament a suspend mek a, hawn a nih hunah parliamentary session atana legislative agenda an neih te a puang thung ang.

Canada hian pandemic leng mek avangin Indopui II na hnua economic crisis turu ber a tuar mek a ni.

Freeland hian dinhmun sang leh pawimawh tam tak a lo chelh tawh a, chung zingah chuan international trade portfolio te pawh a tel a.

Foreign minister a nih laiin North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) siam thatna kawngah US leh Mexico te nena inbiaknaa sulsutu ber a ni bawk.

Journalist hlui niin kum 2013 khan member of parliament (MP) atana thlan a ni.

Trudeau mi rin tho Liberal MP Dominic LeBlac chuan Freeland in portfolio a chelh hmasak tawh te federal leh provincial leh territorial government inlaichinna lam a chang thung ang.

A hmain Trudeau chuan parliament a titawp lailawk a, hei hi sorkarin ngaih pawimawh a neih te a kalpui theih nana inruahman nana hman thin a ni.

Hetih chhung hian House of Commons emaw Senate-ah emaw inhmuhkhawm a awm ngai lo va, parliamentarians te chuan inhnialna, thutkhawmna leh dan siam emaw an nei lo tihna a ni.

Parliament tihtawp lailawk hi thil thar a ni lova, mahse, sawisel hlawh reng thin a ni thung. Tunah pawh Trudeau hmalakna chu nasa taka sawiselin a awm tho a ni.


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