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Cardi B ‘Bodak Yellow’-in YouTube-ah 1B en a hlawh ta


Hmeichhe rapper Cardi B hla hit ‘Bodak Yellow’ music video chuan YouTube-ah vawi tluklehdingawn en a hlawh thei ta a, hmeichhe rapper zingah YouTube-a music video tluklehdingawn en hlawh rang thei ber a ni.

‘Bodak Yellow’ hi 2017-a a tihchhuah kha niin, kum li a tlin chuan vawi tluklehdingawn en a hlawh tling ta der mai a, amah pawh a lawm ngang mai, Twitter-ah a lawmzia tweet-in, “Dollar singkhat leh sangam, a hnuah vawi tluklehdingawn en hlawh!!! Wow a va pui ve! Kumtluana min support-na zawng zawngah in zavaiin chungah ka lawm e,” a ti.

Bodak Yellow hi rimawi khawvelin Cardi B a hmelhriat tak tak tanna a ni a, he hla avang hian 2018-a a debut album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ pawh a hlawhtling nghal hle a tih theih ang. He album hi kumin April thla kha Billboard 200 (albums) chart-ah a zawna kum thum a lanna niin, hmeichhe rapper zingah hetiang ti thei hmasa ber a ni bawk.

Cardi hi rimawi khawvelah a hlawhtling ta hle a Billboard Hot 100-ah pawh No.1 kai thei hla panga a nei tling tawh a, hei pawh hi hmeichhe rapper zingah No.1 hits ngah ber niin, hmeichhe rapper zingah Hot 100 chart-ah midang feature-tu tel miah lo va No.1 kai thei hla pahnih nei thei hmasa ber a ni bawk.

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