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Centre in Foreign Contribution kalpui dan siamtha dawn


Centre chuan Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act a siam tha dawn a, Aadhaar chu NGO, association foreign donation dawng tur te office-bearers, directors leh mi pawimawh te finfiah nana tihmakmawh a ni dawn.

The Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2020 hi Pathianni khan Lok Sabha-ah Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai chuan a pharh a. Nimin chaw hnu lam atang khan Lok Sabha-ah sawihona neih tan a ni.

Bill chuan siamthat a ngaihna sawiin chu chu langtlang zawk leh rintlak zawka foreign contribution kum tina vaibelchhe tel tak meuh meuh luang lut chu hman a nih nan a ti a.

Siamthat tur chhawp chhuah zingah foreign contribution dawng thei lo tur zingah ‘public servant’ leh ‘sorkar company’ te an tel.

“Clause (c) of sub-section (1) of section 3 amendment ah chuan public servant a huam a, public servant ten foreign contribution an dawng tur a ni lo,” tiin Bill chuan a tarlang.

Kum 2016 khan Home Ministry chuan Lawyers Collective, lawyer lar Indira Jaising leh Anand Gover tena an kalpui te license a lo tihtawpsak tawh a. Ministry chuan suspension notice an siamah Jaising chu government servant a ni a, kum 2009 leh 2014 a Additional Solicitor General (ASG) a nih lai khan FCRA norms kalhin foreign funds Rs 96 crore chuang a dawng a ni, a ti.

Jaising chuan Ministry tena an puhna hi hnawlin ‘government servant’ a nih loh thu leh ‘public servant’ a nih thu a sawi thung.

FCRA chuan foreign donation in ram chhung himna a khawih emaw nghawng a neih loh nana ruahmanna siam a ni a. He dan hi kum 1976 khan kalpui tan niin kum 2010 khan siamthat a lo ni tawh bawk.

Dan siamthat turah foreign fund dawn atangin 20% bak administrative expenses atan hman a rem lo bawk a. Tunah rih chuan 50% hman remtih a ni.

The Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 chuan foreign contribution emaw foreign hospitality mimal emaw pawl emaw company in emaw an dawn chuktuah remtu a ni a, heng foreign fund te hian ram tana pawi thei emaw thil duhawm lo a ken tel a rem ti lo, tiin Statement of Objects and Reasons of the Bill chuan a tarlang.

Bill chuan Act chu May 1, 2011 khan kalpui tan niin tum hnih siamthat a ni tawh a ti bawk a. Siamthat hmasak ber chu section 236 of the Finance Act, 2016 niin a pahnihna chu section 220 of the Finance Act, 2018 a nih thu a tarlang bawk.

Foreign contribution India rama luanglut hi kum 2010 leh 2019 inkar chungin a let hnih dawnin a pung a, foreign contribution dawngtu tam tak te hian a nihna tur angin an hmang lo mai thei. Tam tak te chuan annual return pawh siam thei lovin hei vang hian Central sorkar chuan FCRA-a inziak lut pawl hrang hrang 19,000 te registration kum 2011 leh 2019 chhungin a tihtawp sak tawh a ni. Hei mai bakah foreign contribution dawng a nihna tur anga hmang lote pawh chhui chian mek zel an ni, tiin bill draft chuan a tarlang.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Ramchhung)

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