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Champhai Officers’ Club luangchhuak


Champhai Officers’ Club (COC) chuan kum danga an tih thin angin Krismas leh kumthar pualin Champhai khawpui chhunga mi harsa zawkte leh Home-te tan an luangchhuak a, hemi rual hian Chief Minister’s Discretionary Grant 2020-2021 kaltlangin Home hrang hrang hnenah tanpuina sumfai an semchhuak nghal a ni.

COC member-te hi thuang 4 ah insemdarhin an che chhuak a, Home pahnih – Mazuia Memorial Home (TNT) Vengthlang North Champhai hnenah Rs 10000, Immanuel After Care Centre Bethel Veng Champhai hnenah Rs 5000 leh mimal thlanchhuah 7-te hnenah tanpuina sumfai Rs 5000 theuh, a vaiin Rs 50000 an semchhuak. Kumin lockdown tir lam March 31 khan Home thlanchhuah 4-ah te tanpuina sumfai, a vaiin Rs 50000 an lo sem chhuak tawh bawk a ni.

CM Discretionary Grant 2020-2021 atanga Rs 20,500 an dawn chu DC office kaltlangin District Hospital Champhai leh Home hrang hrang 7-ah te an semchhuak bawk.

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