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Chennai hmeichhe naupangin eirawngbawl record a siam


Chennai hmeichhe naupang pakat chuan darkar khatah chawhmeh chi hrang hrang 46 a siam zo hman a, UNICO Book of World Records-ah a hming a chuang ve ta.

He hmeichhe naupang hi a hming chu SN Lakshmi Sai Sri a ni a, kum 10 mi a ni. Thawhlehni kalta khan record hi siamin, minute 58 chhungin chawhmeh chi hrang hrang 46 a siam hman a, heng a chawhmeh siam te hi ei tlak vek a ni. Lakshmi hian coronavirus avanga lockdown chhungin ei siam lamah a tui ta niin a sawi a, lockdown chhunga a chawhmeh siam thiam te hmangin record hi a siam ta a ni.

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