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July 14 zan dar 9 vel khan Hunthar Veng huamchhung leitlahniamah Aizawl lam pana tlan truck AS-01 EC 5427 leh hemi lam tho pan scooter MZ-01 M 9485 chu intai palhin scooter-a chuangte hi an tlu a, truck hian chilzuiin a hmunah pakhat a thi. Thudawn danin scooter hian truck ritphur tlan lai hi lehpelh a tumna lamah intai palhin truck tlan laiah hian an inbarhlut a, truck hian a chil zui ta nia hriat a ni. Scooter-a chuang Lalthapuii (35) d/o Zomawia, Bungtlang South Lunglei district chu a hmunah a thi a, a khalhtu Zodingliana (19), Khawzawl chuan hliam na tak tuarin Aizawl Civil Hospital-ah lak a ni.

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