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China-ah ‘Mulan’-in beisei a pha lo


Dollar maktaduai 200 senga an siam, live-action movie ‘Mulan’ chuan China-ah beisei a pha lo a, opening weekend-ah dollar maktaduai 23.2 a la lut. He movie hi US leh ram thenkhatah chuan Disney+ ah an pe lut nghal.

Mulan hi Niki Caro direct niin, Chinese leh American mipui hip tura ngaih a ni a, classic animated behchhana siam niin, actress Liu Yiefei chu hmeichhe pakhat, imperial army-a a tel ve duh vanga mipa lema chang angin a inlan a, he film-ah hian Chinese cinema icon Gong Li, Jet Li leh Donnie Yen te pawh an inlan.

He movie hi March thla chawhnu lama tlangzarh an tum tawh kha a ni a, mahse, coronavirus hripui leng avangin an sawn hla ta a, US leh ram thenkhatah phei chuan cinema hall-ah chhuah lovin Disney+ ah an pe lut nghal a ni.

China bakah ram hrang hrang 17-ah cinema hall-ah chhuah a ni a, dollar maktaduai 37.6 a lalut thei bawk. US-ah chuan Disney+ atanga he movie en tur hian dollar 29.99 chawi a ngai ve thung a, eng zat nge an hmuhchhuah an puangzar lo.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

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