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‘Cinderella’ trailer a chhuak


Camila Cabella channa ‘Cinderella’ film trailer an tichhuak a, he film-ah hian Cinderella thawnthu kan hriat thin chu a tunlai deuh zawngin an chang ve thung a, a mobie trailer chu “Hei hi a ni e…Ella kutchuak thawmhnaw,” tiin Camila chuan bul a tan.

He film-ah hian sumdawnna lama hlawhtlin tum hmeichhe chanchin tarlan a ni. A trailer-ah chuan fairy godmother, Cinderella chu lal fapa party-naa tel turin a duhthusamin a chei lai te pawh a lang. He film-ah hian Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver, James Corden, Nicholas Galitzine leh Pierce Brosnan te pawh an inlan.

Cinderella hi September ni 3 hian Amazon Prime-ah an tichhuak tawh dawn a ni.

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