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CM hnenah tualchhuak PPE kit hlan


Covid hrilenga a hmatawnga thawktu, a bikin medical lam thawktuten an mamawh, personal protective equipment (PPE) 25, tualchhung puantahtuten an siamchhuah chu Nilaini khan ZOHANDCO leh UNDP hotuten chief minister Zoramthanga hnenah an hlan.

Heng PPE-te hi ZOHANDCO, UNDP leh EXIM Bank of India tanghoin training an buatsaih atanga siamchhuah niin, Covid-19 donaa hmatawngte hman atan a him tawk tih finfiah tawh a ni.

EXIM Bank of India leh UNDP tangdunin ‘Capacity Building of the MSMEs in North East India for Export Competition’ tih hmalakna hnuaiah UNDP chuan ZOHANDCO chu puantahtute thiamna belhchhah tura thawhpuiah thlangin, ZOHANDCO hian puantahtu 20 a thlangchhuak a. He hmalakna hi hrileng avanga eizawnna lama harsatna tawk puantahtute tan sum dehchhuahna tur kawng zawnhmuh sakna a ni.

Kumin July 7-31 chhung khan batch 5-ah thenin PPE kit thui dan zirtir an ni a. Training zawh hnu hian ZOHANDCO chuan trainee-te hi ruai zuiin PPE kit siam an chhunzawm dawn a ni.

PPE kit siamchhuah te hi Committee on Promotion of Locally Manufactured Personal Protective Gears hnuaia Technical Committee in Quality Control-in endikin, Covid-19 donaa a hmatawngte tan a him tawk tih an pawmsak a ni.

PPE kit siamchhuahte chu: 1) Mask – 6 layers; 2) face shield – non-woven 60 GSM, transparent plastic sheet, sponge; 3) coverall jumpsuit – 3 layers, seam seal; 4) shoe cover – bio-fabric; 5) waste bag – PPE hman hnu paihna tur; 6) sterilization – UVc treated sterilization;
7) finishing touch – disinfectant packaging te a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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