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Community spread a la awm lo, tan erawh a ngai: Dr Thiamsanga


Mizoram sorkarin paramilitary force khuahkhirh deuh tum

Mizoramah Covid-19 natna vei an awm a, mahse mipuiah a la darh lo nia ngaih a ni. Health & Family Welfare Board vice chairman Dr ZR Thiamsanga, MLA chuan he natna hi mipuiah a la darh lo nia a lan thu a sawi a, mahse tan a ngai, a ti.

“Community spread hi a la awm lo a. Amaherawhchu, inven a ngai a, tan a ngai. Kan fimkhur lehzual a ngai,” tiin The Aizawl Post a hrilh.

Tun hnaiah ‘community transmission’ a awm ang tih hlauhthawnawmin thil a thleng a, mahse Thawhtanni tlai lam thleng kha chuan Read More>>

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