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Containment area nihna hlip


Aizawl veng thenkhata Covid-19 leng inkaidarh zel tur venna atana containment zone/ area-a puan thenkhat chu Aizawl East leh Aizawl West chief medical officer ten an bial chhung ve ve an zirchianna leh rawtna in, hrileng zel tur laka him tawha ngaih a nih angin bawrhsap chuan kharkhip bik an nihna atangin a hlip.

Aizawl bawrhsap-in Covid-19 leng mek dona atana sawrkar dan hmanlai leh hriattirna tlawhchhan hmangin, July 15 zan dar 10.00 atang khan Saron Veng Khuangchera Section-a Laihnuna (L) building hlui zawk chu containment area atangin hlih a nih thu a chhuah a. Sairang Dinthar Taitesena Section-a Darthangpuia colony leh Kaplianthanga colony, Biakkunga in tel loin; Biakkunga in (chhungkaw 1) Field Veng pumpui (chhungkaw 16), an vaiin chhungkaw 17 chu containment area atangin hlih a ni.

Armed Veng South-ah F. Hrangzika in atanga Laithuama Sailo in thleng, chhungkaw 30 chenna chu containment area atangin hlih a ni a. Sawrzim area bak Armed Veng South huamchhunga containment zone/area lo puan tawhte chu puan chhunzawm zel a ni.

College Vengah Khuangchera Section-a C. Lalnunzira (L) in atanga K. Rotluanga in thlengin, an kawmthlang Malsawma Chhangte in, Lalrozama in leh Rinawmi in huam telin, chhungkaw 26 chu containment area atangin hlih a ni a. Containment area-in ala huam tur te chu, Tlangthangvunga colony leh RL Dengliana in, chhungkaw 4 an ni.

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