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Containment area Ramhlun South-ah chhungkaw 1400 chuang tlawh


Covid-19 hrileng chungchanga containment area-a puan mek Ramhlun South-ah Inrinni khan chhungkaw 1436-te dinhmun enin an tlawh chhuak a, mi 60 vel chu an swab sample lak tura tih a ni.

Health department lamin Ramhlun South-a chhung tinte dinhmun hi zirin an tlawh kual a, an veng LLTF te’n an lo hruai kual a ni. Chhungkaw 1436-te dinhmun an en a, mi 62 chu an swab sample lak tura tih a ni tih thu dawn a ni.

He vengah hian positive hriatchhuah tawh pakua an awm a, sample endik result an hriat hnuhnun berah chuan mi 144 an negative. Result nghah lai a awm a, endik leh tur mi 62 an awm bawk.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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