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Country music legend Charlie Daniels a thi


Country music legend Charlie Daniels, kum 83, chu thluaka thisenzam chat (stroke) avangin a thi. Daniels hi Country Music Hall of Fame leh Grand Ole Opry member a ni.

1970s leh ’80s-ah country artist hriat hlawh ber pawl a ni a, Billboard Hot 100 chart top 10 kai thei bakah Billboard 200 albums chart No.1 te pawh a nei a, zai- ti-tih, sawi-ti-tih leh a fiddle work rang tha zet mai te, leh a lyrics hmanga thawnthu ngaihnawm tak phuah thiam a nihna te chu a larpui hle a ni.

Daniels hi North Carolina a piang niin, naupan têt atanga rimawi ngaina, guitar, banjo leh fiddle te hnehsawh tak mai a ni a, 1960s-ah thuziak leh musician angin hriat a hlawh tan a, Elvis Presley hla sak phuahtute zingah pawh a tel ve a, Bob Dylan album-ah guitar leh bass te pawh a lo perh tawh a, 1969-ah country khawvelah a rawn chawrno tan ta a ni a, Marshall Ticker Band leh Hank WIlliams, Jr. te thawhpuiin, ’70s-ah solo lamah a kal ta a, 1970-ah ama hming chawiin a debut LP a tichhuak ta bawk a ni. Read More>>

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