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Covid-19 kaihhnawihah cheng vaibelchhe 30 hmu tawh


Covid kaihhnawiha hman atan sorkar laipui hnen
atangin Mizoram sorkarin cheng vaibelchhe 30.98 a hmu tawh tih chief minister Zoramthanga, finance changtu chuan House a hrilh.

Ningani khan Aizawl South I bialtu C Lalsawivunga zawhna chhangin finance changtu Zorama chuan sorkar laipui atanga sum hmuh zat hi a sawi a, heng sum hi health department hnenah leh district hrang hranga bawrhsap-te hnenah pekchhuah a ni tih a sawi.

Sawivunga zawhna chhangin finance changtu chuan, sorkar hnathawkte hlawh batsak sum chu cheng vaibelchhe 41.31 a nih thu a sawi.

Hachhek bialtu Lalrindika Ralte zawhna chhangin Zorama hian task force te hnena sum pek tawh zat pawh House a hrilh a, August ni 27 thleng khan Chief Minister Relief Fund atangin Local Level Task Force leh Village Level Task Force hnenah Rs 2,16,45,000 pek a nih tawh thu a sawi.

2019-20 leh 2020-21 chhunga Chief Minister Relief Fund-a sum lut zat pawh finance changtu hian a sawi a, Rs 20,97,40,726 hmuh a nih thu House a hrilh.

A sawi danin, sum hmuh zawng zawng zinga Rs 12,78,480 chu ‘normal Chief Minister Relief Fund’ a ni a, a dang zawng chu Covid-19 do nana pek CMRF for Covid-19 a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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