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Covid-19 natna vei zat 1500 tling ta


Covid-19 natna vei hriatchhuah thar mi 26 an awm a, Mizoramah he natna vei hriatchhuah tawh zat chu 1506 a ni.

September ni 16-a sample en, a tuka result puanah, ZMC-a endik mi 796 zinga mi 13 an positive a, mipa panga leh hmeichhia pariat niin, kum 25 leh kum 55 inkar, tualchhunga hri kai vek an ni.

Rapid Antigen Test hmangin Aizawl District-ah mi pariat hriatchhuah a ni a, mipa pali leh hmeichhia pali, positive contact a\anga kai an ni. An zingah hian chhungkaw khata member pali an awm a, mipa pahnih leh hmeichhia pahnih an ni.

Serchhip District-ah mipa pahnih hriatchhuah an ni a, BSF ve ve, kum 29 mi leh kum 42 mi an ni a, quarantine centre-a awm lai ve ve an ni.

TrueNAT khawl hmangin Serchhip-ah mipa pakhat, kum 20 mi, West Bengal a\anga rawn kal chu a positive tih hriatchhuah a ni a, Hnahthial District-ah mipa pakhat, kum 40 mi, Jharkhand a\anga rawn kal hriatchhuah a ni bawk. Lunglei-ah mipa pakhat, kum 30 mi, BSF hriatchhuah a ni bawk.

Mizoramah Covid-19 natna vei mi 1506 an awm ta a, mipa 1232 leh hmeichhia 274 an ni. Mi 1506 zingah hian enkawl lai mi 557 an awm a, dam tawh mi 949 an awm.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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