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Covid-19 vanga enkawlte’n chaw dawng lo


Covid-19 natna vanga inenkawlna hmun, Covid Care Centre (CCC) pakhatah chuan Thawh\anni khan chhun lamah chaw an dawng lo tih thu dawn a ni.

Thu dawn danin, CCC, ITI-a awm mi 38-te chuan Thawh\anni khan tuk\huan an dawng lo a, chhun lamah eitur an dawng lo bawk. Zan dar 6 vel khan zanriah tur an an dawng chauh.

He hmuna awmte hian eitur te an lo kawl sa avangin chhun lamah eitur dawng lo mah se harsatna an nei lem lo nia hriat a ni.

He hmuna chaw petu catering service hian harsatna an tawk nia hriat a ni a, an hnathawkte zingah Covid-19 natna vei an awm avangin an che thei lo tih thu dawn a ni. Chutiang harsatna karah chuan hmun danga mi chaw hi pek an ni ta tih thu dawn a ni bawk.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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