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Covid kai enkawl mek 12000 an tling


Mizoramah Covid-19 enkawl mek mi 12000 an tling a, hri kai hmuhchhuah zinga enkawl dam tawh mi 28,000 chuang an awm tawh bawk.

August 3-a sample 9170 endik atangin Covid-19 kai 885 hmuhchhuah an ni a. RT-PCR hmanga endik 1813 atangin hri kai 338 hmuh an ni a, TrueNAT a 319 endikah 27, Rapid Antigen Test-a 7,038 endikah 520 hmuhchhuah an ni. Hri kai hmuhchhuah thar zingah 351 hi an taksaa natna langchhuak tawh an ni.

August 4 tlai 5.00 thlenga chhinchhiah danin, Mizoramah Covid kai leh kai loh endikin sample 6,53,219 lak a ni tawh a, heng zinga 40,996 chuan hri an kai tih hmuhchhuah a ni. Hri kai hmuhchhuah zinga 28,607 chu an dam leh tawh a, he hri kaihhnawiha nunna chan 157 awm tawhin, enkawl mek 12232 an awm a ni. 2011 chhiarpui anga chhutin, Mizorama cheng mi 1000 zelah hri kai hmuhchhuah tawh zat hi 37 an ni.

August 4 zing dar 8.10 khan R Zakhuma (77), Zemabawk chu Zoram Medical College-ah Covid kaihhnawihin a thi a. A ni hi August 1 khan a nupuiin hri a kai tih hmuhchhuah a ni a, amah hi taksa chak tawh lo, natna benvawn nei sa niin, a taksa a chak lo zual zel nia hriat avangin August 3 khan a sample endik a ni a, Covid a kai tih hriat a nih avangin ZMC-a enkawl tura dahluh nghal a ni.

Chhinchhiah danin, kuminah Covid-19 kaihhnawih avanga thi hi Mizoramah 149 an awm tawh a, August bikah ni 4 chhungin mi 9 an thi tawh a ni.

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